Friday, January 14, 2011

The Wedding Ring

I have been married 8 1/2 years now and I wear my wedding rings everyday. I believe the only times in our marriage where I've taken them off for any length of time was when I was to swollen during pregnancy. If I EVER lost my wedding ring I would be devastated!! Not only is it beautiful and the most expensive piece of jewelry I'll ever own - but it represents my marriage to the man I love with all my heart! I see my ring, I think of him - when he gave it too me, our wedding, our life together....what we've been through, both good and bad. It's that complete circle-no beginning-no ending symbol that warms my heart. I have him with me everywhere I go.

Now, that said, my wonderful husband has no problem taking his ring off and leaving it lay about. ~sigh~ It bothers me but he does wear it most of the time. Today, as I was leaving work I got a text message from the love of my life asking me if I saw his ring anywhere. WHAT!!!???? Yes, he lost his wedding ring....and it had been lost since the night before and he was just now saying something. AH!! For his benefit, he did have a bad day today including a procedure on his esophagus. He told me that he guessed it was just lost or Little S threw it in the trash (it is her new favorite thing to do - throw things in the trash) and that he just didn't care anymore. Wow...that hurt my feelings. I know it is just a ring....but it's special to me. He proceeded to be a big jackwagon until he finally just left the house. I searched everywhere and ended up finding his wedding ring. I guess the reason he had taken it off was because it needed cleaned and he couldn't find his cleaner for it. :/ Whatever....I cleaned it for him and put it up on the shelf for when he gets home. I was and still am kinda upset over his not caring. Maybe I'm just being just hurt my heart....

Oh....and yeah...that's our hands in the picture above. :)

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