Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mystery Pants

Yesterday morning I was dressing Little S in her little skinny jeans. We have 2 pair of skinny jeans - one is 12 months and the other 18 months. The 12 fit way better so I decided to put those on her for daycare. Well....I brought her home after the day was done and thought nothing about her clothes although her pants where unsnapped at first. She was running around the house and the pants kept falling off her butt. I got to looking at them and they looked just like the ones she left home in except these were size 18 months. Huh?? I went and checked her drawer to see if I just grabbed the wrong pair that morning - nope, 18 month pair were in the drawer. Somehow, she got someone else's pants while at daycare. I have talked to the teachers in her room and ones that help out in her room - no one has any idea what happened. The only thing that I can reason is that maybe a few of them had taken their own pants off and they just got put back on the wrong kid. I don't think Little S can put her own pants on just yet. I've never seen her try so she might. It's just very confusing to me.... I'm not angry about it. I actually think it's quite funny!! It's just....well..a MYSTERY!

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