Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ugliest Shoes EVER!! LOOOOVE!!!

Who knew I'd fall in love with such UGLY shoes!! Well, in my adventures in trying to take care of me this month, I've fell into the world of barefoot running. LOL I'm not even really running yet...just getting myself used to moving again after a couple years of baby growing and infant snuggling. Anyway, I always though running barefoot was a bad thing....turns out that it could be a really GOOD thing if done right! I often run around the house barefoot and since I'm not running any distances yet - I figured I may as well give it a go!! So I found one lowly store in my area that carries Vibrams Five Finger shoes....and I bought a pair today!! I got the last pair in my size so the color wasn't ideal....but they are definitely a heck of a conversation starter! LOL!! Here's the kind and color that I ended up with is posted above! What do you think of this craziness???

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So I suck at blogging...

...and this is why it took me so long to BEGIN blogging! I just have a hard time staying with it for a long period of time. I obsess over something for a while and then I move on to obsess about something else. But anyway, an update!

My daughter is 14 months old today! WOW!! I just can't believe it!! She is still a tiny girl but growing like mad. lol She still won't let go and walk on her own but she crawls fast and walks around walls and anything she can get a hold of. She's into everything already and has such a little attitude! I still say her first sentence will be "I'll do it myself!"

As for me and my progress towards my I'm still cloth diapering and have my momma cloth but that's about where the "green" has stopped. I still feel like that is making a difference though. I'm sure I'll come back around to obsess over "green" again eventually. :)

The whole reducing debt thing has been a slow moving item too. All my money goes to the daycare. Some weeks are better than others but daycare really should be called the slow finance death...that's what it feels like. However, Little S LOVES daycare and is thriving there! My stress level is more tolerable and (other than money) things have been much easier since starting daycare!

Now, what I choose to obsess over at this time, it FINALLY my health and fitness. I haven't been able to movtivate myself since I got pregnant for Little S in 2008! That's truely a long time to go without exercising regularly and paying attention to what I eat! So I'm now doing my best to get moving. I've been walking on the treadmill while babywearing Little S and I just started walking on my lunch break yesterday. What I really want to do is start the Couch to 5K program. It just seems like I'm not even "couch" yet. :( I have NEVER been a runner or athletic in any way for that matter. I've said more than once that I'd run if being chased by someone with a knife....or zombies. hehehe... Now that I feel more like the Marshmellow Man, I decide that running sounds like great fun. LOL I am going to continue to walk a while longer before I start the Couch to 5k program though. Just not ready and I really HAVE to be ready to stick with it. In addition to the walking, I've been writing down everything I eat/drink. I've tried this in the past and haven't made it past a couple days or just lied about things. Nothing like lying to yourself!! This time, I'm being honest in hopes of results. I have a tiny journal I keep in my purse and write down all the food/drink/exercise each day....I'm now on day 4. Come on, Katie, you can do it!!! (I guess I need to be my own cheerleader too! lol)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's going on....

It's been a while since I've blogged!! AHH! I feel that I've been in such a rut lately. I don't feel like doing anything! You know when there are things you really need to do but you avoid it by doing silly things because you really don't want to do the things you really need to do? (Like play on facebook or blogger or game of chioce) I'm to the point where I'm tired of doing the silly things so I'm going back to the things I need to do out of boredom and still feeling horrible about it. Yes, I'm getting more things done but I feel even further into this rut. Blah!

But, on a positive note!! I went to see Eclipse....and I took my 11 month old! **GASP** Yes, the baby went to the movie theater too. We went to the 12:30 (noon) showing, not many people were there. We sat near the exit. She did really good!! She chilled and ate puffs for the first part. I did have to leave to change a diaper once. She took a nice nap. Squealed a couple times when she woke up and we stood up in the entry isle with her for a bit and she was fine! The most noise she made was when she coughed once! SUCCESS!! Not something I want to do very often but it went way better than it could have. We still got a couple dirty looks but you'll have that, I guess!

Little S. is up to 6 teeth now! She'll be a year this month and I just can't believe it. I think this has been the fastest year of my life! I am just consumed with joy and love for this little girl!! Being a mommy is the best thing I've ever done!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taser Certification for Hubby

Being shot with a taser is NOT my idea of a good time! Hubby has been a police officer for nearly 8 years and swore he would never be certified to carry a taser gun. In order to carry a taser, an officer must first be shot with a taser. (Thankfully, this rule doesn't apply to their duty guns!) Well, recently Hubby has been working with law enforcement on a bigger scale than the city police department that signs his pay checks. I think this fact finally pushed him to go get his taser. I figured that every other officer that carries one has been thru it fine so Hubby would be shot (tased) in the back, be sore for a little while and go on about life! Yeah...not so much...

Hubby had his training on Thursday. While the other men going thru training stood there, ready, TASED!! My Hubby got asked numerous times if he was ready...was he SURE he was ready...was he REALLY ready... until he lost it!! He got angry and told them to just do it already. As the last word left his mouth, 5 seconds of taser hit him in the back and down he went. Let's consider this for a moment. What happens to your body, to your MUSCLES when you get irritated, upset or angry?? Think about the tensed up muscles and the slight turn of his body as he comments to the man standing behind him with a taser. This was not a surprised hit in a relaxed back as it was meant to be. I believe this was a big part of his training going bad.

Since his training, Hubby has been in serious back pain. Some points in the day are better than others. He puts up a good front at work. At home, he can barely get out of bed in the morning and is constantly wanting me to rub his back or try to adjust it for him. I really only expected this to last a day or two and then his muscles would go back to normal. It's now Weds and I just made him an appointment with the chiropractor. I really hope that they can help him. It really sucks that after years of chasing bad guys (and girls), a training class takes the man down. :(

Oh! And you should see the little holes it left it his back! They look better now but they were all bloody and irritaed right after. One hit him in the upper/mid back and the other hit his lower back. Sounds like a grand time, doesn't it?? My office job isn't so bad after all...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Working Mommy Woes

I named my blog to reflect that I work, but I really haven't blogged much about it. I'm really not that happy with what I do. I didn't care much for it before I had Little S. and now that she's here, I completely resent coming to work most of the time. I have tried to convince myself that I am working so I can take care of her. I have health insurance. I need my income to pay bills. Even though I live in an office in the basement, I do see my coworkers when I want to. It's some adult socializing even if it's minimal. As a family, we need my job right now. My brain knows heart isn't buying it. More than anything, I just want to be home with my baby girl! I feel horribly guilty each day when I drop her off at the day care. I know she has fun there...I know she's safe there. While I'm there with her, she's laughing and clapping and minutes after I leave, she's a happy girl. It's those minutes while I'm trying to leave that wrenches at my heart strings. As soon as she sees that I'm about to leave, she throws herself forward screaming and crying big allegator tears! :( It's all I can do to leave her that way. If I just stand outside the door for a bit, I can hear that she's fine. The guilt is still there regardless...

As you can tell from my blog, it's important to me to be close to my baby. Breastfeeding is important and, thankfully, we're still at it at nearly 11 months! It's been much harder to continue this while working and pumping, but I'm proud of myself for staying with it! I have really enjoyed babywearing with Little S. She's getting a bit big for it these days, but there was a time when I would strap her on as soon as I got home so we could have some close mommy/baby time. I could tell she missed me and wanted to be close. I'd wear her while going for walks and going shopping too. I wish that I had been able to wear her more.

Cloth diapering has also become important to me. It's also more of a challenge while working full time but, as with breastfeeding, we are overcoming obstacles to make it work! Thankfully, out daycare is willing to use them as well so we don't have to worry about disposables at all! :)

My point, everything that is important to me to do for my baby is so much harder while working full time. Even though I'm following thru with these things, I still don't feel that I can give her (or my job or my husband) all the attention I want or need too. I'm always falling shorter than I find acceptable somewhere.

To brighten my day, and maybe yours too, here's my Little S. showing that big cheeser smile that I love so much!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Going Greener - Mama Cloth

My first impression of mama cloth - "NO WAY!!!" Now, I am slowly building my stash. :)

I have been cloth diapering Little S. for months now and love cloth diapering! A fluffy bum is so cute!! While checking out sites on cloth diapers, I first learned about mama cloth. (For those who may not of heard of this before, it's pads for that time of the month.) I was sure that there was absolutly no way I could ever use mama cloth! I thought they would be super icky to clean and who wants to wash stinky blood anyway! Well, the more I read, the more I learned. These women say that, after using mama cloth for a while, their periods become shorter, they have less cramps and that cloth is way more comfortable! As far as being stinky, I guess disposable pads stink so bad because of blood reacting with all the chemicals in them....which means that cloth pads aren't really so stinky after all!

Then, what about stains? I HATE stains and work on keeping Little S.'s diapers as stain free as possible. Surely, it isn't possible to not have blood stain. ~sigh~ Guess what?? I was wrong here too!!! Minky fabric doesn't stain!! WOOT! Have you felt minky fabric? It's wonderful!

Sooooo...I took the plunge! I first bought a set of 6 pantyliners. All minky topped with a fleece backing. The fleece serves as a waterproof barrier to protect your clothes as well as keep the pad from shifting. Oh Oh OH!! and fleece BREATHS too!! BONUS!! After receiving the pantyliners, I ordered a couple light/regular flow pads as well (minky with fleece again). I plan on continuing to add to my stash until I feel I have enough. "Aunt Flo" has not returned for me yet so I'll continue to prepare and I highly doubt that I'll turn back to regular disposable pads unless it's an emergency.

I have purchased my mama cloth from Tree Hugger on Hyena Cart. There are many ladies out there making mama cloth that you can search for both on Hyena Cart as well as other websites. You can even make your own if you're feeling ambitious!! Even though they may first seem like a yucky idea - they are really worth a try!!

On a side note - if you're more of a tampon kinda girl, you can always look into the Diva Cup as a more natural and environmentally friendly option!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Making a Father's Day Card

After must irritation about Father's Day cards (see last post), I decided to make one with Little S. I thought it'd be extra special that way! I got fingerpaint and let her pick out what color she wanted to use. I also let her pick out what crayons to use for the lettering. :) She had so much fun with the painting! I also let her put some heart stickers on the card. Some made it and she tried to eat a few too. LOL I wrote a poem for the inside and I think we did a good job! We had fun and Hubby loved it!

That was pretty much the only good thing about Father's Day at my house yesterday. ~sigh~ I won't go into all that though. To much drama!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

What's in a card

I know that some people buy cards for every occasion. I am NOT one of these people. I feel no reason to go pay $4.99 for a St Patrick's Day card that will probably never be opened by the receiver. To me, this is a waste of money. When the day truly deserves a card, I do put a lot into choosing the right one. This month is hubby's first real Father's Day. To me, this is a big deal! (Even if he didn't make a big deal over my first real Mother's Day...he's a man and that's an excuse.) I plan on taking our baby out and reading cards with her to find the perfect card to give her daddy. I will have her scribble her little baby mark on the inside and make a big deal giving it to hubby on his day. I feel that this process is special.

That being said, yesterday my mother in law presented me with a Father's Day card she bought for Little S to give to hubby. She told me I should have Little S scribble in it and that can be her gift for her daddy. I was completely offended! Not only was she trying to take away my planned outing with my daughter to find the perfect card, but the gesture also inferred that I wasn't capable of purchasing a good card on my own. I told her that I was capable of purchasing my own cards to which she responded by telling me that she bought my Mother's Day card from Little S too. :( I kinda figured she did as hubby works constantly and, let's face it, he's a man. He doesn't always think of these things. I just tried not to think about it at the time. I thought it was rude that she would tell me that now. I took the card but made it known that I wasn't really happy about her overstepping her bounds. She stayed at my house the rest of the evening and I really didn't talk to her anymore.

The more I think about this, the more it bothers me. I think I'm going to give the card back to her and tell her to try to get her money back before Father's Day. She is the type to buy card for EVERYTHING so, I'd hope she would understand my need to make it special. I hate that something so simple and good meaning is bothering me so much.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To Our Pets!

The last year has been a rather rough one as far as pets go. While I was pregnant for Little S, our outside cat, Simba (not pictured), was attacked by the neighbors dogs. He was old and they killed him. It all happened while I was at work and hubby was at home. He cleaned everything up before I came home, thankfully, for I was quite distraught. Simba had came with the property when we bought our house about 6 years ago. He was a good old cat but we weren't as attached to him as our inside pets. I felt horribly guilty about that after he was gone...

Then, we had Critter. We got Critter about a week after we got married. She was a tiny kitten that we found under hubby's grandma's porch. From that point on, she was a spoiled inside kitty cat. She was our first "baby" and made us feel like a family instead of a couple from the start of our marriage. A couple months ago, Critter started acting strange and refusing to eat. I took her to the vet and had X-rays done. Her chest was completely filled with fluid and one kidney was about 4 times the size of the other one. She was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis. I brought her home to say goodbye. A couple days later we had to put her down. She was a good cat and we do miss her!

Critter Cat

This brings me to our Abby! We brought Abby home right after we bought our house. We were actually looking for a Golden Retriever type dog that we were going to name Ruger. :) Somehow, we ended up at the local humane society. There had just been a litter of 14 puppies brought in by a police officer. They had been abandoned along the side of the road with no mommy. These puppies were SOOO tiny! Most were black and brown...all but one! While gawking at the pile of puppies, a little white one with a black ear managed to climb up and over the puppy pile to see us. Hubby immediatly grabbed her up. She was so tiny that he didn't even have to unlatch the gate, she fit thru the crack! He firmly and excitedly said, "We're taking this one home!" I was completely against the idea. We had just barely moved into our house and didn't have anything for a dog...but who can resist a little bundle of puppy? :) We thought she might be a Jack Russell Terrier and brought her home. We guessed her to be about 4 weeks old. We gave her puppy milk for a little while and babied her terribly! Each month, she doubled in size and we quickly found out that she was NOT a Jack Russell!! LOL

Our Abby is now a long, lean grown up dog that weighs in over 60 lbs. She is SUPER spoiled and is still adjusting to having Little S in the house taking her attention. Overall, she's doing well with the transition though. She lives inside with us and often sleeps on the foot of our bed. Now, she is our only pet. If I have my way, she will be our only pet for a long time. She is a wonderful hound and a loving, fulfilling part of our family.

Here's to the pets in our lives that make the family complete!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

I admit my house needs help....

I believe all tables should have a dome top option... The coffee table, a potentially great flat surface for a center piece of some sort - but not in my house! The coffee table collects house hold junk that is important enough to have been used recently but not important enough to be put away immediately. At any given time there may be a glass or cup, some random papers from hubby's work, random hobby stuff that needs to go downstairs but hasn't made it yet. ~sigh~ The dinning room table is not much better. There lies stacks of mail, the laptop, some baby toys and puffs, candles, tissues, random hobby stuff.... and so goes pretty much every flat surface in the house. When examined closely, I find that very little to none of these items are put there by me or even belong to me. It is sad - so I believe the answer is just to have all flat surfaces be made in a dome so that nothing can remain on it! Everything would just roll right off! :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kindle Me....

The dictionary defines kindle - Light or set fire, Arouse or inspire, Be aroused, Become impassioned or excited....

After getting to know my new Kindle, I LOOOOOVE it! I wanted an e-reader...and that is just what it is! I know there is much talk about the Nook (Barnes and Noble) and the iPad. They have their touch screens and fanciness about them. You can do WAY more on the iPad then the Kindle - however, if you can play games and listen to MP3s and search the web, when are you going to read a book? I believe that each have there pros and cons and it really does make a difference depending on what you are looking for. Another notable point is the Kindle screen is not back doesn't bother your eyes like reading on a computer screen does. It's more "paper like."

I picked the Kindle for a number of reasons. 1) I wanted to read - I have a smartphone for many of those other fun options. 2) The Kindle has been around longer it's in it second version and is currently going thru a 2.5 upgrade. 3) internet access that you can pickup anywhere AT&T service is available!! Not just 3G! This means ordering your books from your Kindle and they download instantly! Instant gratification sells!! 4) Text to speech is available of most texts. Publishers have the options of disabling this feature on their books though. 5) Thousands of free books available! 6) I use Swagbucks where I earn Amazon gift cards. I use these cards to fund books that I want that are not free - still nothing out of my pocket!!

**Pause for a Swagbucks plug! If you'd like to earn gift cards/prizes for using a search engine, sign up at ! I've earned $20 in Amazon gift cards in a month and a half for searching items I would have searched anyway! Just another way I "Kindle" me. :) **

So, is the Kindle worth the price? I think the price is high but if you want to splurge on something for yourself and you love to read, it's a great toy to have. I've been reading books I would have never purchased because they are free on the Kindle. It's small enough to fit into my purse so I carry it almost everywhere I go. Also, no one knows what you're reading!! It could be anything from the Bible to erotica and you're the only one that will know!

The Kindle holds about 1,500 books. Can you imagine how big that bookshelf would need to be? Do you have a library in your house? My personal bookshelf is I can keep all new books in a device that is as thin as a pencil. Pretty cool, huh? :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Busy, baby, and car on fire!

...reasons why I haven't been blogging lately!

Although I got thru the worst part of being sick, the cough is still persistent a month and a half later. Little S had an ear infection - only the second one she's ever had - and that reminds me that I need to take her BACK to the pediatrician for a followup. ~sigh~ The hubby had "the germ" briefly as well...

Recently, the car we had bought for my mother in law caught fire in the parking lot of her apartment building. This means that my hubby then gave her one of our cars to use until WE could buy her something else. I didn't say anything even though it kinda rubs me the wrong way to be make a car payment on a car that isn't in my driveway. After all, the bus makes frequent stops at her building every day! Alas, we finally got the insurance money from the fire. A payout of $2,000 - I'm surprised the car was worth that actually. I told them that they had to stay at or below $2,000. I am trying to get us out of debt not make things worse! So last week, they went to look at a car without me. It was listed for $2800....grrrrrr....they offered $2500...grrrrrrrrr. THEN, I had to take the extra $500 out of MY savings to pay for the car! GRRRR!!! I just keep telling myself that at least I won't have to go pick her up and take her home every time she wants to come visit. It is a nice car ...I just want to keep my money!

What did come out of that mess was the realization that we can live with only one vehicle right now. Hubby has a car from work so that helps tremendously! We're now considering selling one of our cars to free up cash to further debt progress. We'll see how that goes...

This last weekend was wonderful! (On an up note!) Little S and I met my Mom for a girls day, hubby and I took Little S to Cabelas and Quaker Steak and Lube (yummy!) and then on Memorial Day we visited my family. It was overall a good weekend even if we are tired from it. :)

Wishes everyone out there a blessed day! Always lookin' for that silver lining even when growling at everything! :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

I bought a Kindle...

I am so bad... I have been drooling over these readers for a while now and Friday I finally broke down and ordered one! It's still being shipped but I really can't wait for it to get here! I feel pretty horrible about ordering it though. It's a big purchase and we've been really tight on money lately. I talked to the hubby about it and ended up pulling money from a savings account I keep in case HE spends money that I hadn't planned on spending. Kind of a little rescue account. I'm planning on using my Swagbucks to purchase the books with so I feel a LITTLE bit better about that...but still. It's a splurg!!

picture from

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Debt Progress!

I'm slowly working towards my get-out-of-debt goal!! Yesterday, I paid off my pledge loan! There was only about $350 left on it and I usually put anywhere from $25-$50 a week towards it! I can now apply that money to other debt and make further progress!

I also called about my student loans. I've been out of school since 2005 and I was still paying interest only! AHH! I think I knew at first, but my payment has gone up since I first began paying it off and I thought that some was now going to principle. Well...I was wrong! So after talking to customer support, I'm now on a NEW payment plan that does work on the principle as well. FINALLY! It's less than $20 more a month then what I'm paying now. So I should be a proud owner of a college education in about...umm....17 years...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Yesterday was my FIRST Mother's Day

I must say, it really didn't go as expected. Little S made a fingerpainted "puff" can with flowers in it for me at daycare. It's SO cute and one of those little things that really warm your heart. I also got a card that she "signed" herself in perfect baby-playing-with-a-pen scribble.

I thought maybe I'd get to relax with my baby and go out to eat or maybe have the hubby cook for me. (He LOVES to cook and used to do it all the time) Well, hubby spent all our extra money on work clothes so we didn't have any extra to go out. That's ok... He offered to make me dinner and even thawed out the meat. Then he proceeded to putter around the house demanding when the food would be ready because he was hungry. He mowed grass while I cooked my Mother's Day dinner, cleaned baby bottles, did laundry and cleaned the kitchen. This too is ok... I'm taking care of my family and that's my job. My family makes me happy even if they also make me tired!

It was a less than glamerous first Mother's Day but I'm still super grateful for what I have and really love being a Mommy! There's nothing better in the world!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Health Updates

This has been a really rough couple weeks on me. I have now been sick 11 days straight. UGH! I take the last of my antibiotics today. I went to the doctor last week for the antibiotics. Early this week, I threw my back out coughing and have been to the chiropractor twice this week. I am going back to the doctor today for a physical check up and see if she can address my coughing issues as well. I'm really hoping that it's not turning into pneumonia.

Yesterday I also took Little S to the pediatrician for her 9 month checkup! I just doesn't seem possible that she's almost a year old! She weighed in at 17 lbs 2 oz and 27 inches long. She is healthy and well! She is still being stubborn about crawling and pulling herself up. It's like she has no interest at all. I guess she'll get it when she's ready. I'm not worried about it....and she gets the stubbornness honest!

I really hope I feel better soon!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Making a plan...

I am realizing more everyday how close our budget really is. (I use the term "budget" loosely as I really don't maintain one at this time...when the money is gone, it's gone.) I have been looking for a good way to view my accounts and set up a really good budget that maybe we can follow - and initially see where we are just spending TOOOO much! My "little" goal for this month is to get a good budgeting system started and then develop it further over the next few months. I want to see where exactly we are leaking our "extra" money. Debt progress needs to be made! I'm all for giving up some things now for later comfort!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Learning to FLY!

As of yesterday, I started to learn to FLY! What is this?? Finally Loving Yourself! I found this wonderful website and I think this will help me reach my goals! Flylady starts you with 31 baby steps and it all starts with shining your sink. It's Flylady's way of giving you positive reinforcment. When you wake up, your shining sink it there to make you smile. I think this program will really do me some good if I continue to follow it. As of today, my sink is still super clean from last night (it's a white sink so hard to really "shine") and I got ready for work this morning that included shoes. :) I've never been so proud of my sink!

Wearing good shoes is another big part of the program and today's job was to get completely dressed included lace up shoes!

photo from website

Major goals!

I feel that I've been blog neglecting...I do have an excuse!! I'm now on my 9th day of this blessed illness. Sinus infection, coughing, BLAH!! Luckily, the rest of my family hasn't came down with it too. May not be the best excuse but it's an excuse none the less!

On to new things!

I believe I'm going thru a new phase! I don't know it it will last but I hope it does! Since starting to cloth diaper Little S, my mind has began to open to a lot of new ideas. I've already posted on how being part of the cloth diapering online community has opened me up to whole new online areas that I had never explored before! Now, I'm seeing more and more how my personal life needs work. My house, my body, my mind and wallet! LOL! I've started a new goal list. These are broad goals but I have to start somewhere. I will them break these goals up into pieces I can handle and move forward with them.

My BIG goal list:

1. Get out of debt (specifically credit cards - the cars will follow)

2. Lose 60 lbs

3. Make my house "company ready" at any given time.

4. Develop a home management system

5. Find more ways to go green and save money!

6. Find time for myself and my's easy to get lost in the "mommy" world

Now I know these are very BIG goals and none of them are going to happen over night. I also think it's hard to concentrate on them all at the same time. In the past, I've only been able to concentrate on one big thing at a time and all others fall apart. I need structure (home management) but not so much that I can't have fun with my family. Family and God must remain my top priority.

That said, I think one of my greatest barriers in this adventure is my hubby. :) God bless him! He is one of the messiest people I know who thinks that he's not. He spends money like crazy! (Just because it's on sale, doesn't mean we NEED it!) He's also in no way "green" although he's doing well with cloth diapering now.

Some things that are going to help (I hope!) and progress I've recently made:

1. Hubby just switched to dayshift at work so we should be spending more time together!

2. Made a list of my debts and am going to apply the Dave Ramsey "Snowball" method

3. Of course, I cloth diaper my baby but I've also just started using cloth wipes and just ordered my first "mama cloth" to try and am considering making my own "family cloth" even if I'm the only one using it now. I'm trying to evaluate what items are disposable in my world and try to replace them with something reusable.

4. I'm trying to meal plan! This will hopefully help diet and the grocery budget!

5. Yesterday was Day 1 for me following - My sink is clean!

I have a lot of work to do...but I hope to break up my adventures into bits that I can blog about to encourage myself and maybe someone else too!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mommy's aren't allowed to be sick...

I felt the germ coming on Monday...sneaking up on me like it had too. My body was slowing down and by the time Monday evening rolled around, I ached all over and felt like my head was going to explode. BUT, I still made diner, cared for Little S, lowed the crib and changed the sheets on her mattress. My darling husband was a big help...he brought me the tool in which to lower the crib with. :/ I believe I was fevered as I went to bed. It was a horrible night and I ended up missing work on Tuesday. This meant that Little S. also missed her second day of daycare. I did rest more on Tuesday ...but I still was up about 8AM to put food in the crock pot and take out the trash. I still cared for my baby girl all day. I went to the doctor and got meds for me even if they are limited. (Can't take many meds while breastfeeding....haven't had good meds since 2008 - I miss them!) We then took Little S. to her InfantSee appointment at the eye doctor. She did GREAT!!! She is slightly far sighted so we'll be going back in 6 months. She was such a good girl though! I gave her a bath and did my normal evening routine at home.

Today, I'm back to work but have no voice left. Feeling some better but still pushing myself. Seems like the only option I have! I am a woman, I am a mom!! Sickness is an inconvenience that just doesn't fly around here. Hope my limited meds do wonders!

Monday, April 26, 2010

First day of Daycare!

I dropped little S. off at the daycare this morning. I really hope I remembered all her stuff! I was so stressed out! They are going to use the cloth diapers (which I'm super happy about!) so I had to take a container and all the "special" diapering stuff for that. She was the first baby there this morning and the girl wasn't sure which bed they were going to use for her yet. They would figure it out once the other girls got there at 7:30. Ugh! I was really hoping to have everything sorted out before I left her this morning...but I know she'll be fine.

Naturally, she has to be cutting teeth at the same time we start this journey. She had one top tooth break thru over the weekend and I think the one beside it will be soon to follow. Her nose is running like crazy!

Then it rained in a complete downpour all night last night. I had trouble sleeping and kept having nightmares that the road would flood while little S. was there and we wouldn't be able to get to her after work. (The road to the daycare right beside the river.)

Neither of us cried as I dropped her off this morning....but I really hope she has a good day. I'll be thinking about her a lot today. I know this is for the best but part of me still feels extremely guilty for not being able to stay at home and take care of my own kid. I love that little girl.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let's talk cars...

I REALLY miss my pre-baby car much like I miss my pre-baby body. :( Before I had little S., my car was my baby. I loved him....but said goodbye as I realized I'd have to choose between baby and baby stuff each time I left the house not to mention the anti-fun-car snow storms that gave me anxiety attacks all winter. I called him the Captain....because that is what he wanted to be called. A 2002 MINI CooperS in dark silver....the one I learned to drive a stick shift with. ~sigh~ I bought him without knowing how to drive him. My hubby taught me pretty quickly and I was in love! During the first year of the MINI, we went on a road trip to Williamsburg and I spent many nights buzzing around town while playing Def Lepard with the windows down...ahh... Yes, by nights, I mean middle of the night when traffic was almost nonexistant. I would sleep from like 7-11:30PM, get up and drive around shopping and visiting hubby at work until 3 or 4AM, sleep until 7:30AM to go to work the next day! No problem!! (Now I can sleep most of the night and still be exhausted for work!) BOY ARE THOSE DAYS GONE!! LOL

At the beginning of the winter, we traded the Captain in on a 2008 Honda Element. I like the Element....I'm not in LOVE but it's a good car. I think it helps that I got another stick shift! Once I learned how, I love the feel of having control like that. The Element is a smarter winter car for our area too. Little S has room and so does all of her stuff....gosh babies have lots of stuff! I must say though, summer time really makes me miss my zippy, little fun car even more. I really want to close my eyes, feel the wind in my hair and have "Pour some sugar on me!" raging thru my car and just pretend that I'm in the MINI.....but I'm afraid I'll wreck with my eyes closed! ;) Plus, I just don't think it has the same effect when you have a vehicle loaded with baby stuff and groceries and a diaper bag the size of luggage PLUS the exhausted, overweight woman being a dumbass with her eyes closed behind the wheel who somewhat resembles the care free youngster that I once was....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Drop the undies and go wash my dishes!!!!

I have a few things in life that REALLY weird me out. On of those things is having someone else do my laundry. ~shudder~ It disturbs me to a point that is unreasonable. There have been times in my life that I would rewash any clothes that were washed/dried/folded by anyone other than myself or husband. Weird...yes, I know. I can't help it. Is it my problem? Yes. Do I need therapy? I don't think so. I really just want my laundry left alone!

So recently I've had an in-law move close to us. She is always wanting to help with something. I get that she just wants to be helpful and I do get behind on things while working full time and caring for an infant and husband. I'm the first to admit that I can't do it all! That being said, I do somehow keep up fairly well on laundry. I wash pretty much everyday between clothes, towels, sheets, baby clothes, and diapers. I just tried to use the clothesline out side as much as I can. :)

So I've told this in-law at least twice since she moved here that I do NOT want help with the laundry - thanks but no thanks. I was nice. She does often wash dishes when she's visiting. I am totally fine with that!! (The dishes never touch my nakedness ...that's probably why it doesn't bother me!) I have told her I don't mind if she help out with dishes. I only lose things occasionally because she puts them away in strange biggie!

So last night I come home from work to hug my baby girl ....and there's a basket of my clothes folded in the hallway. Grrr to myself. I immediately start shaking and my blood pressure rises slightly. (yes, I know this is weird..) I bit my tongue and tried my hardest to be nice and ignore it. I keep reminding myself....only one more week til more week and my house is mine more week!!

I'm to the point in my life where I'm to tired to rewash everything however I still end up refolding half of it the way I want it to be and cringing repeatedly until I've forgotten about it. I don't know why I have some physical reactions to such things. I just wish she would respect my wishes. Do the dishes if you feel the need to help but leave my undies (and the rest of my laundry) alone!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Finding the inner thrifty mamma...She's got to be here SOMEWHERE!!

This summer I will have my 8th wedding anniversary. During my entire married life, I've very rarely (if ever) worried about money. Yes, once in a while we have a bad month. (or summer the one where our transmission in the truck blew, we had poop backed up in our basement and had to dig up the entire yard, had to redo all the pipe work inside to fix draining problems...and I (pre-mommy) developed a short lived alcohol problem!) ANYWAY!! I have recently became very aware of our spending habits and they SUCK!!! Especially my husbands. :D I have a great need to horde money...he doesn't. An example: Last night he says he thinks he's going to need some new clothes when he goes to his new position at work. I so many outfits do you have now? Enough to get you thru a week or week 1/2?? He says "Oh yeah!" I suggest taking a good inventory of clothing before buying more. I also remind him that I do NOT have enough work clothes to get me thru one week and must wash them midweek to have something that my larger than life ass can fit in to! AH!

What really brings money to the forefront for me is daycare. We will be starting little S in daycare next Monday. I KNOW we can do this! It may make things tight but we can!! We have to! I would just like to still be able to get ahead on some bills at the same time. Make things appear to be going on just the same while in the background I'm clipping coupons and stretching meals and such. ~sigh~

So, in the light of this, I've been googling and yahooing and such looking for new ways to save money and/or tools to help me do so. If anyone has any "thrifty" help it a personal suggestion or a blog or website....share with me, please!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rave for CJ's BUTTer!!!

I just started using this awesome product today and I'm already in LOVE!!! I ordered the sampler because I couldn't decide on only ONE scent and I really wanted to try them all! LOL The sampler comes with 8 different scents in 0.5 oz tubs. I think this will be perfect in that I can have some at the changing table, in diaper bags, and at the daycare! :D

I went ahead and put some on little S's behind this evening....she really doesn't get diaper rash. She was slightly red (SLIGHTLY) and by the next diaper change the red was completely gone! This stuff rocks! Oh, yes it is cloth diaper friendly where most (if not all) diaper rash creams found in the store are NOT cloth diaper friendly. I am so happy with this product that I want to share with everyone!

To buy some to rave about for yourself, go to and see what you might like! It looks like she's just rolled out some new goodies as well!

(Image borrowed from CJ's Sewing room website)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cloth Diapers made me TWEET!!

For a long time I avoided all the online social networks. While trying to get pregnant for S, I joined my first forum! By the time I was pregnant, I was a board host and I was loving it! I met lots of friends there that I still talk to now as we watch our babies grow. Some of those friends talked me into trying Facebook. ADDICTING!! I am now a facebook freak and wouldn't want to live without it! I can share baby pictures with most of my friends and family with a click of a button.

I began learning about cloth diapers from the forum I participate on. I found and talked to other ladies that used them and it helped me believe that I could do it too. Then I became a fan of different diapers I tried on facebook. Soon I found myself joining another forum JUST for diapers!! It's also addictive but in a more monetary way. They have a buy/trade/sell area and it's just way to easy to get excited and buy to much!

While going thru my initials trails of cloth diapering, I also realized that I could blog about this stuff! So here's my new (and only..) blog!

Last night, I found out about Twitter and that there are Twitter parties where I can possibly win FREE cloth diapers! So, naturally, I signed up in hopes of being able to feed my addiction!

That's how cloth diapering led me to tweet, blog, facebook and forum post! lol Here's a couple pics of some of my diaper stash. Not all are included and I also have some GroBaby diapers too!
The first picture is of BumGenius AIO Organics...

And this picture is most of my BumGenius Pocket diapers and a couple BumGenius AIOs!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Green Mommy by accident

I have never been known for being "green" or super into the whole "save the environment" movement. We don't recycle anymore, we drive whatever vehicles we want with the only concern being the cost of gas to run it. Hybrids are to expensive to buy. We leave lights on and use resources poorly at times. I really need to do better following up on somethings that are within our control.

That said, yesterday at church I was talking with some other mommies and mentioned breastfeeding. They were shocked! They said that you just don't hear about people doing that anymore. Huh?? Then I mentioned that I used cloth diapers too and that got an even more surprised reaction. I expected an amazed reaction about the diapers but not so much the breastfeeding! The one mommy said "'re just an all natural mom, aren't you?" Who? me? Seriously? I guess I'm getting more green all the time! I guess I am a pretty natural mommy! I sure didn't start it to be green....I always knew I wanted to breastfeed. It just seemed like the best thing for me and my baby and it meant I didn't have to spend all that money on formula! Save money, good for baby - win win, right?! The cloth diapers - I started them because I thought there were super cute! Also, I really don't want to keep buying sposies that just gets thrown away. It really feels like throwing away money. Also, my nursery was beginning to smell like poo all the time! I guess you're really supposed to dump poo out of sposies too but I don't know anyone who does! Even the diaper genie could not contain the smell once we started baby food. Since using cloth, NO SMELL!! I dump, dunk, swish - whatever I need to do to remove the poo and then throw it in the pail!

I guess I'm a green mommy by default! I still have many other areas of my life that could be "greener" but one thing at a time, I guess! Being that diapers take 500 years to disintegrate in a landfill, I feel like I'm making a difference even if small compared to the whole.

Getting braver!

Sunday was the first day I took Sheridan to church wearing a cloth diaper. As each week passes I'm getting braver with the cloth and I love it more and more! We went thru the whole service without having to leave to change her diaper AND no leaks!!! Awesome! I just changed her immediately when we got home. She was wet but not soaked! I used the BG AIO. I must admitt that I did get a little nervous when she was playing on another ladies lap and fell asleep. You know leaks always happen on other people! The thing is though - it can happen with sposies too!

I am officially addicted, if I haven't said that already! lol I just ordered 3 more GroBabies because they were buy 2 get one free from Jillian's Drawers!! WOO HOO!! I also have some more BGs coming because I used the coupon - buy one get one free! LOVE IT!! I'm tempted to find other online stores to use more than one coupon. I'm so rediculous!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend!

What a busy weekend it was!! Little S. and I went to see my parents and to see my Grandma on Sunday. We spent a lot of time on the road and she did WONDERFUL!!! I swear, I couldn't ask for a more pleasant baby! LOVE HER!! :)

We visited some family friends on Saturday and had a Twilight/New Moon marathon with my folks that night. We really had a good time! Abby dog enjoyed playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house too. She loves to travel!

I did end up going back to disposable diapers for the weekend so I wouldn't have to worry about bringing a bag of dirty diapers home. I must say that it was really weird using them again! Who would have thought! Of course, my mom is still against cloth. She doesn't really care but just doesn't think it's necessary. Oh well! I think they are so super cute ...I love my cloth diapers!

Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm the one with the suitcase...No I'm not traveling!

So thru the first 8 months of my daughters life I have used a small diaper bag that matches our stroller, carseat and even the pack n play. (How "new mommy" can I get!) It's themed yet not so sissy that the hubby won't use it. As time goes by, I'm finding that it is just way to small!! Little S's clothes are getting BIGGER, the cloth diapers are BIGGER, and she needs room for toys and stuff too! When out with her, I just thro my keys and wallet in the diaper bag too. I see no point in carrying a purse in addition to the diaper bag. Yesterday I hit a breaking point! I was running around with the diaper bag bulging to extremes. The flap would even close! I didn't even have everything in there that I really wanted in there either! :( So, while we were out, we went to Wally World and purchased the bag you see to the right... It is HUGE!! It was the biggest one they had there and at $19, it was the right price too. I'm hoping that it lasts me many moons to come. It also got Daddy approved when I told him it was by Jeep. lol So from now until I'm done with raising babies....I'm the one with the black suitcase everywhere I go! Please make room and excuse us!

Picture from Wal Mart website.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bloomer Day at my House!

Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day!! I couldn't wait to get out of work so I could enjoy the sunshine! It uplifts the mood and makes everything better! I took advantage of the pretty day to hang my new BumGenius diapers on the line. I love the colorful display! I got so overly excited about this (hence the photos!) and still smile when I look at the photos. :) I am very thankful for a big yard with a clothesline. I hope that thru my excitement I can teach others about cloth diapering and help spread the word! I never dreamed I'd get so excited over diapers!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mommy guilt...

I HATE going to work and so desire to be a stay at home mom. I feel so bad for leaving my baby girl every day. Last night just added more guilt to this working mommy's heart. I had a require work meeting at 7pm! ARGH! That's my baby time! So I had to be away from her all day, come home for a couple hours and leave again....just doesn't seem fair. I know it's just the way of life for most people now a days. I just have a really hard time with it. There is no way I can stay home with her right now and that breaks my heart. Maybe with the next baby I'll get to but I'm not holding my breath. I just try to remind myself that I'm going to work so I can pay by bills and be able to better take care of my little S instead of thinking that work is keeping my from caring for her. I still feel guilt but I hope it gets to be better over time.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Addicted to cloth diapers! Do what???

I'm seriously tring to pull myself away from diaper websites! Thank goodness there's not a real store in my area or I'd be in trouble! I'm finding diapers on sale, in big packages, and even some for free!! I don't want to stop buying! They are all so cute and there are so many options! I feel like a kid in a candy store! Yet....I find this addiction very strange... I mean, this is something my kid is going to poop in! I just ...can't...stop...

I still have some diapers coming in the mail. Those in the cloth diaper circle call it "fluffy mail". LOVE IT!!! Once I get everything I've ordered I will have a stash of:

3 BumGenius All-In-Ones
5 BumGenius Organic One size
2 BumGenius One Size Fleece
7 BumGenius One Size Pocket 3.0
6 GroBaby Shells
12 GroBaby soakers
3 GroBaby boosters
3 Hemp Baby Doublers

I'm really starting to wonder if I'll really be saving money by cloth diapering. I think eventually I will. I am not allowing myself to order anymore and I'm hoping to use these diapers on a second child someday. We'll see how they hold up! I keep reminding myself that even though I may not be saving tons of the green, I am helping the environment by eliminating some of my footprint in hope of a greener tomorrow.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Officially Cloth Diapering!

I have received most of my stash of BumGenius now!! I love cloth diapering so far! SOOO cute! There are such pretty colors and little S. seems so happy in her new pants. Last night was her first night in cloth and I must admit that I was nervous. It was completely successful!! No leaks at all! Today will be the hubby's first day giving it a try. I SOOO hope it goes well. I want him to be supportive in all this too. He is willing to try so that's a plus for sure!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Cloth Trials

I have now tried each diaper in my trial from Jillian's Drawers except the prefolds. :) The cover they sent to use with them left red marks around little S's thighs and seemed super wide! I'm also not real comfortable with folding them and such. Anyway! I ordered more BumGenius! I will have a stash of 5 BumGenius Organic AIO's with snaps, 7 BumGenius 3.0 pockets, 1 BumGenius AIO Medium. I'm still considering keeping the GroBaby. I really like it right now but I'm just not sure how these diapers are going to "grow" with my baby. She is wearing it on the highest setting right now. It's super cute though and it hasn't leaked yet! I will be returning the largest portion of the trial package soon. I am really glad I gave it a try like this though! It was really encouraging and a good way to show my husband how different cloth diapers are these days!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sheridan's Drawers

We received our trial pack from Jillian's Drawers! I am super excited to give these diapers a try! Last night was our first time ever using a cloth diaper. I chose to start with FuzziBunz. It didn't require to be washed and dried 3+ times before use and the inside seemed the softest to me. I put it on the smallest settings and it looked to me like it fit her ok! She seemed happy enough and it didn't leak! It did leave track marks around her thighs though. I don't know if this is normal for these diapers or not. The pampers never left marks around her legs. I have inquired about such things and will see what others have to say. I plan on trying the BumGenius 3.0 pocket diaper tonight as well as the GroBaby...maybe. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yes, I will take some coffee in my creamer...

I stay exhausted! The time change is killing me and we're already a few days into it! Someone needs to tell my kid that it's ok to go to bed/get up at the proper times again. AH! The last few days she just wants to play and giggle like crazy at bed time. She doesn't want to nurse. I love her to pieces but mommy needs some rest! I have to get up at 5AM every blessed weekday to go to work. The fact that I hate my job makes getting up even more miserable. Regardless, I have a morning routine that gives me an hour to get ready and then I have an hour to spend with little S before I have to leave. This gives me time to change diaper(s), nurse her, clean her up if she throws up and start all over know, just taking care of her and having some more baby-mommy time. :)

This morning, for some unknown reason, she decides to get up about 45 mins early! NOOO!! That's not how it's supposed to work! It threw my whole morning routine off and it just sucks....

So I'm now sitting here with my cup of coffee still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes and praying I can get thru another day in my office. Like I have a choice...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saving money now or later...

There are some things I do as a parent and I know I'm saving money now. Breastfeeding is one of those things. It was truely one of the most difficult things I'd ever done when my daughter was first born....but after we got the hang of it, it's one of the easiest things! I haven't had to buy any formula in her 7.5 months of life! I am so super proud of that fact! Breastfeeding is so good for baby and mommy - and the family wallet! I do pump every day at work with a pump that is on loan for free. This also helps as a new Medela is close to $300. I still think it would have been worth buying though. The pump would have been one of those items (had I had to buy one) that makes me question whether it's worth buying it now and saving money in the long run....or just paying for the formula and having the payments spread over time even though I'd end up spending more. Sometimes upfront costs are hard!!

I am at a crossroads with the cloth diapers in regards to the cost. Currently, I'm spending about $20 on diapers every week and a half - 2 weeks. Plus wipes and diaper genie refills. Depending on who babysits during the day also effects the number of diapers we go thru. The cost over time is insane!! Not to mention horrible to our environment!! I really think cloth diapering would be SO much better overall. However, I'm going to need a few hundred dollars to start them the way I want too. Pocket diapers are $10-$25 each depending on brand and where you buy them. I figure those kind will be the most husband and sitter friendly. Then I am buying cloth wipes and a diaper pail and a wet bag. I hear most cloth diapering parents get addicted to buying cloth and just can't stop! :) $$$$ I was telling my mother about the price of these new modern diapers last night and she just couldn't believe that ONE diaper cost so much. She also thinks I'm crazy for messing with them at all. ~sigh~ In my mind, about 6 months of buying disposables would buy a stash of cloth that would last til my daughter was potty trained and I can still use them for another baby. I think we need to find the money somewhere will be worth it in so many ways!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fluffy Bum - Here We Come!

I caught my husband at a good moment and he agreed to letting me try cloth diapers! I have ordered a 21 day trial package from and I can't wait to get it!! I'm so excited! I have been in search of laundry soap and am just ready to get started! The diapers shipped out today so I should have them in the next couple days. I am having them delivered to work so I can share them with the other mommys here. Everyone thinks I'm crazy when I say something about wanting to use cloth. I want to show them all how far cloth has come!

I will keep posting on my cloth diapering journey!

Headband or no headband??

That is the question! It seems like the thing to do with baby girls...especially those that have little to no hair. I really don't think they look all that comfy though. My family affectionately refers to them as "head squishers" and doesn't use them. Well, yesterday little miss S was sporting a cute new outfit and it just happen to have a matching headband. So, for the first time in her 7.5 months of life, she wore a headband. She was actually quite cute in it too! :) It didn't look quite as uncomfortable as some of them do. It didn't leave a mark on her head. Although, it did leave an indent in what hair she does have! lol Surprisingly enough, she only pulled it off 3 times the entire time she wore it. She complained a little bit when I first put it on but not bad at all. So I think we'll wear he "head squisher" when the outfit calls for it. I still don't think I'll use them on a daily basis though. Girl accessories are so fun!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm a Milk Machine!!!

Yes! I've been breastfeeding about 7.5 months now! My goal is a year but I'm proud of myself for making it this far. It's such a rewarding feeling to watch your baby grow and know that her primary food source is what your own body is making especially for her. :) Breastfeeding doesn't come easy in the was WAY harder than I ever imagined it would be. However, once we got it figured out, it's the easiest thing ever! You are able to connect with your baby in a way that noone else can. Each feeding becomes a special moment.

Then I had to go back to work!! UGH!! About 9.5 weeks after my little beauty made her entrance into this big scary world, I had to return to work. This means I had to start using a breast pump at work if I were to keep up my supply. What a pain in the rear!! There's no beautiful connection with an electric pump! It's awkward and strange. Luckily, I have my own private office at work to get this job done. There are others who use the printer in my office so I had to find a way to let them know not to come in without splashing "DO NOT ENTER! PUMPING MY BOOBS!" on my office door. The solution: I put a picture of my girl on my door while pumping. I told those who use my printer what it meant so they wouldn't come in. Anyone else who happens to walk down the hallway just gets to enjoy seeing her pretty little face on my door and doesn't know the wiser! The next hurdle was finding a way to pump hands free so I could continue to work while I was taking care of business. Yes, you can buy contraptions that assist with this but I knew there had to be a better option than paying out MORE money. So thru the advice from friends and some fancy planning on my own, I made my own hands free pumping assistant! Take an old sports bra, cut small wholes at nipple level just big enough to slip the pump cones thru and there ya have it! Does it look stupid? YES! Do I care? No... :) With this handy invention, I could now work away without even thinking about what my boobs were doing! Now, instead of getting 5 oz, I was producing closer to 7 or 8 oz!! WOOHOO BOOBS!! Now I'm pumping, typing, writing reports, answering phones! Multitasking at it's best!

Buzz ahead to today... I am SO tired of pumping! I still do it once a day because my baby still needs mommy's milk, but I dread messing with it at the same time. ~sigh~ I will carry on though! My baby needs me and I WILL produce! So the next time you call me and hear a swishing machanical noise in the background, you know what I'm doing... ;)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Great Bum Debate

Cloth diapers vs. disposables.... most people think I'm crazy for even considering cloth diapers! However, they aren't your mom's/grandma's cloth diapers! The new "modern" cloth are pretty awesome, actually. There are diapers now available that go on just as easy as a disposable using velcro or snaps! How handy! This seems to make it easier to convince daycares and spouses to give them a try as well.

That must being said....I'm READY to give them a try! I've been researching like an obsessive crazy person. My hold up: my husband.

Me: "We could save tons of money!"

Husband: "I'd rather pay $4,000 then to try them! No way!!"

So here I sit with my "fluffy" wishlist and desire to try and no spousal blessing to do so! I am weighing my options. Option 1: Forget about cloth and continue to throw money away on sposies and fill up the world's landfills a little more. Everyone else is doing it! Option 2: Forget the hubby and do what I want to anyway! Option 3: Try talking to him one last time. Suggest that we do a $10/21 day trial pack to see if we both can handle the task. I might completely change my mind once I get started! (I doubt it though...I'm just weird enough that I'l probably think it's fun!)

I had considered gdiapers while pregnant and talked myself out of it because of the extra laundry and working full time. I'm finding that laundry is actually one thing that I'm doing well with right now and that a couple more loads a week isn't really going to make much difference to me. I've found that the child care provider is also at least willing to give cloth a try too. I think that it's doable....and if it's not, I can always send all the diapers back after the trial period and only be out $10!

So I guess we'll see what the next couple weeks bring. Stay tuned to find out if I get to try cloth or if my Little S remains in her sposies!

Getting Started...

I'm new to the blogging world...I've never really thought I had enough to write about to blog! Now I'm a mommy and I work full time so times are busy but I thought I could blog about the joys and struggles of a working mom who really just wants to be home with her baby!

This mornings joy was watching my baby girl, Little S, wake up. She makes me smile! We'll see how the work day treats me! I'm going to work on familiarizing myself with this blogging tool too... I guess we can call this post "practice." lol