Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's going on....

It's been a while since I've blogged!! AHH! I feel that I've been in such a rut lately. I don't feel like doing anything! You know when there are things you really need to do but you avoid it by doing silly things because you really don't want to do the things you really need to do? (Like play on facebook or blogger or game of chioce) I'm to the point where I'm tired of doing the silly things so I'm going back to the things I need to do out of boredom and still feeling horrible about it. Yes, I'm getting more things done but I feel even further into this rut. Blah!

But, on a positive note!! I went to see Eclipse....and I took my 11 month old! **GASP** Yes, the baby went to the movie theater too. We went to the 12:30 (noon) showing, not many people were there. We sat near the exit. She did really good!! She chilled and ate puffs for the first part. I did have to leave to change a diaper once. She took a nice nap. Squealed a couple times when she woke up and we stood up in the entry isle with her for a bit and she was fine! The most noise she made was when she coughed once! SUCCESS!! Not something I want to do very often but it went way better than it could have. We still got a couple dirty looks but you'll have that, I guess!

Little S. is up to 6 teeth now! She'll be a year this month and I just can't believe it. I think this has been the fastest year of my life! I am just consumed with joy and love for this little girl!! Being a mommy is the best thing I've ever done!