Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ugliest Shoes EVER!! LOOOOVE!!!

Who knew I'd fall in love with such UGLY shoes!! Well, in my adventures in trying to take care of me this month, I've fell into the world of barefoot running. LOL I'm not even really running yet...just getting myself used to moving again after a couple years of baby growing and infant snuggling. Anyway, I always though running barefoot was a bad thing....turns out that it could be a really GOOD thing if done right! I often run around the house barefoot and since I'm not running any distances yet - I figured I may as well give it a go!! So I found one lowly store in my area that carries Vibrams Five Finger shoes....and I bought a pair today!! I got the last pair in my size so the color wasn't ideal....but they are definitely a heck of a conversation starter! LOL!! Here's the kind and color that I ended up with is posted above! What do you think of this craziness???

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