Friday, January 14, 2011

The Wedding Ring

I have been married 8 1/2 years now and I wear my wedding rings everyday. I believe the only times in our marriage where I've taken them off for any length of time was when I was to swollen during pregnancy. If I EVER lost my wedding ring I would be devastated!! Not only is it beautiful and the most expensive piece of jewelry I'll ever own - but it represents my marriage to the man I love with all my heart! I see my ring, I think of him - when he gave it too me, our wedding, our life together....what we've been through, both good and bad. It's that complete circle-no beginning-no ending symbol that warms my heart. I have him with me everywhere I go.

Now, that said, my wonderful husband has no problem taking his ring off and leaving it lay about. ~sigh~ It bothers me but he does wear it most of the time. Today, as I was leaving work I got a text message from the love of my life asking me if I saw his ring anywhere. WHAT!!!???? Yes, he lost his wedding ring....and it had been lost since the night before and he was just now saying something. AH!! For his benefit, he did have a bad day today including a procedure on his esophagus. He told me that he guessed it was just lost or Little S threw it in the trash (it is her new favorite thing to do - throw things in the trash) and that he just didn't care anymore. Wow...that hurt my feelings. I know it is just a ring....but it's special to me. He proceeded to be a big jackwagon until he finally just left the house. I searched everywhere and ended up finding his wedding ring. I guess the reason he had taken it off was because it needed cleaned and he couldn't find his cleaner for it. :/ Whatever....I cleaned it for him and put it up on the shelf for when he gets home. I was and still am kinda upset over his not caring. Maybe I'm just being just hurt my heart....

Oh....and yeah...that's our hands in the picture above. :)

Down with the Sickness!

UGH!! I've been sick for what feels like forever!!! I threw my back out before Christmas, got a super bad cold following Christmas, the stomach virus on New Years and then another cold/cough thing right after that which I STILL have!! It's putting a damper on my life!! I've still ran some regardless but the longer the germ sticks around the less umph I have to do anything. ~sigh~ My bed keeps calling but I can't answer nearly as often as I'd like!

Work is really bad this work too. Glad it's Friday!! I hope everyone has a wonderful and healthy long weekend!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fitting the run in

Some days I find it hard to get a run into my day. It'd probably work a lot better if I got up at 4AM and ran before work...but, come on, I just don't have it in me most days to drag myself out of bed. That means I have to fit it in at night after Little S goes to bed. I work all day, come home to cleaning, baby chasing, diner making craziness. Then there's the dilemma of when I should eat. I hate eating before I run and having the food drag me down....but I hate eating super late at night too. Last night I chose to wait and eat later. Hubby and I tag-teamed diner and made a big pot of homemade chicken and dumplings. YUM! My mother in law and hubby ate while I took care of Little S and finally got her in bed a little after 8pm. I then got my running clothes and shoes on and, with iPod in hand, told Hubby where I was going. He proceeded to give me the "look" that is almost, but not quite, an eye roll. I was able to complete W8D2 for time of the Couch to 5k program! I still only ran 2 miles of it but that is still awesome for me! Only 4 more runs and I'll have completed the program!! I can't believe I'm doing this! I was all excited to have built myself back up to 2 miles after my hip issues. However, I had no one to share it with when I finished. Hubby had already gone to bed - seriously?? So I stretched, ate a little bit (not much), put away the food, got the house settled for the night, and showered off before joining him. Nothing like being the mommy of the house. Oh well - I still took the time for myself. Rock on!!

What have you done for yourself lately?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bringing Katie back!

Happy 2011 blogging world!! This year I want to concentrate a little bit more on taking care of me and choosing JOY!!

Over the past couple months I starting attempting to do some things for myself again. It's been difficult but I'm getting there! I started the Couch to 5K running program and am close to completing it. It's taking me longer than it should due to illness and injuries but I'm determined to do this for myself. I've never been a runner in my life and am now finding joy in it. It amazes me every time I run!

On Dec 18, I turned 28 years old and weaned Little S from the boob. We were down to only one night feeding anyway. She would have let it go much earlier but I didn't want too! I am very proud to say that we lasted nearly 17 months!!

With the absence of breastfeeding, I have found a renewed need to really find myself again. This included getting new bras that actually fit!! The girls have been through a lot over the past couple years and I felt they deserved some real support. I got properly fitted (FINALLY!!) and the girls have never been happier! ....or as colorful as the new bras are all bright and fun! I don't wear white shirts anyway. :)

Today, I went to the eye doctor and I'm back in contacts for the first time since I went on maternity leave! I AM SO EXCITED!!! It makes me feel so much better about myself and now I don't have to worry about baby finger prints all the time! YAY!!

The hardest part of "bringing Katie back" is my diet. I really need to get back to watching what I eat. Since starting the Couch to 5K program, I've lost about 10 lbs....but I have many more to trim and I know it's just not going to happen unless I watch what I put in my mouth! I'm going to try to menu plan better this year so we can both eat better and maybe save a few bucks while we're at it!

There are many days where I'm tired and frustrated with my job, my husband ...just everything. It's easy to get down and let myself go. I want to think positive and find the joy in day to day life.

How are you taking care of you and choosing joy in 2011?